Sunday, 6 December 2015

Balancing the duality

Music is dual in nature and needs a complementary character especially in rhythm. If there is a Main beat (Sum) there is one secondary main beat (Khali) to complement. If there is a dominant chord or vaadi swar there is a subdominant chord and a samvadi swar. If there is bass sound there is treble to complement. If there is a sharper note there is a flatter note too.

And just like any other art-form of dual nature for example photography where one looks for a balance of light and dark shades, color balance or for example 'life' itself, it is nothing but a matter of striking a right balance a right mix of those two aspects. Music is in finding the right balance of notes, tones, aaroha (ascent) and avaroha (descent) or bass and treble - just like one finds a middle path - a balance from two extremes in life. Life is balance, Music is Balance.

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